Joe is Pro-life and a believer in the sanctity of life in all stages. Joe would sign the born alive bill that would compel healthcare workers to render healthcare to any baby that survives an abortion.

2nd Amendment

Joe supports the second amendment and will fight to prevent illegal use of guns, as well as to take guns out of criminal hands.

Free Speech

Joe believes all voices should be heard as free speech is guaranteed by the first amendment in our constitution. Currently there is an effort to stymie and quiet the speech of anyone other than radical ideologists. Additionally, Joe is against the anti-Semitic climate that is growing in America.

Police Reform

Joe believes in police reform and opposes defunding police. Police should be better trained and governed with accountability, and they should patrol the communities in which they live. A police officer should feel free to report wrongdoing or abuse of power without fear of retaliation. Further, any officer who refrains from reporting wrongdoing should be terminated and logged in a national database to reinvigorate trust in policing.

Equal Rights

Joe believes in equal rights for all.


Joe believes in creating a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants that currently reside here. In additional, Joe believes in encouraging legal immigration which has made us a culturally rich nation.

Finding Out What Matters to You

“My hope is that the people give an independent voice the chance to lead and speak on behalf of the 10th district.”

This is the most important election of our time. The party gridlock and stalemate of what is best for Americans has been stymied by both parties. At a time when politicians will say anything to get elected, I offer you an alternative to business as usual, an innovative approach to leading and legislating from a human perspective. I have no allegiance or motivation to anyone except for the people of our district. I plan to work, serve, be present and available in our district. I look forward to rolling up my sleeves and working hard to show appreciation for who bestowed upon me this opportunity, THE PEOPLE! I ask that you help influence what is acceptable from our leaders and allow me the opportunity to represent a grassroots collective voice for the next two years.”

Joe Severino
Candidate (R)
Illinois 10th Congressional District


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